Floating Worlds

Floating Worlds is the  name I've given to all of my square, coloured cityscape images. In time I hope to include other locations in addition to Bath.


The images below are the original series of five Floating Worlds which I called 'Bath Thankas'....


I had been standing in Alexandra Park observing Bath spread below me with its treelined horizon and cloud flecked sky and I remembered the Thankas I had seen in northern Indian temples and museums. Thankas are portable devotional scrolls used by Buddhist monks as a focus for meditation. Some of these show a square universe populated with temples and Buddahs floating in a cloud-decked blue sky. It struck me that Bath, with its many churches and temple-like architecture, could be represented in a similar way. Since Roman times, and possibly before, Bath has been a spiritual centre and its sublime beauty is surely God-given.


My images serve several purposes: they are used by some as an aid to meditation  by some as a unique reminder of houses and apartments in Bath that they have lived in. Others disregard the setting and just like the way the images are so detailed close-up yet so modern and abstract at a distance.


Jewel-Like, kaleidoscope, stained glass, tapestry, Lilliputian, magical, mysterious and mystical are amongst the words which have been used to describe them. I find it very satisfying that these pictures can resonate in so many ways to different people.


Regardless of your decorative scheme these images will enhance your life and your wall space and be talked about by whoever sees them. 

You've never seen Bath like this before....


This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

Tiles & Slate.jpg
Bath Thankas, series 1, numbers 1-5
created February 2018

Thanka 1

IMG_5545 2.jpg

Thanka 2

IMG_5541 2.jpg

Thanka 3


Thanka 4

IMG_5540 2.jpg

Thanka 5

© 2018 by Simon Christie. 

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